Main Street

Main Street

Here at Bristol Park at Conroe Memory Care, we provide our residents with a safe and supportive environment where they can feel comfortable, secure, and, importantly, independent. We want our residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to maintain their autonomy with everyday tasks and feel like they have a sense of purpose.

We believe our life skill stations play a crucial role in this. In Main Street at Bristol Park, our residents can work on their cognitive functions, maintain their life skills, and enjoy a high quality of living.

Main Street at Bristol Park at Conroe Memory Care is designed to resemble a quaint town or a thriving city center. As an entirely functional and interactive part of our community, our residents can engage and socialize in spaces that feel familiar.

All Main Street ‘shops’ are made to feel like home while triggering fond memories. Residents can maintain their independence and live purposefully while enjoying our Theater Room, Pop Shop, and other interactive spaces.

The Shops on Main Street


Pop Shop

The Pop Shop in Main Street is a social hub for our residents to meet with loved ones, enjoy a delicious treat prepared by our culinary teams, and feel a sense of comfort from the nostalgic surroundings.

The Pop Shop has been thoughtfully decorated in a 1960s diner style with a jukebox, black and white checkered flooring, and beautiful red and white dining sets.


Beauty Shop/Barber Shop

Our Beauty and Barber Shop is a popular spot with our residents. It functions as a full-service business to help our residents feel pampered and looked after. Here, they can also enjoy beauty therapy treatments like hand massages and personal care with an emphasis on well-being and promoting a sense of dignity. Our residents see visiting the Beauty and Barber Shop as a social occasion where they can converse with their friends and salon staff.


Potting Shed

Many of our residents love gardening, and the Potting Shed in Main Street is undoubtedly their favorite place to be! The Potting Shed provides many therapeutic effects for our residents, like stress, anxiety, and depression reduction. They also enjoy the sensory stimulation of planting seeds, touching soil, and tending to their plants.

We make gardening a regular part of our events calendar, with residents encouraged to participate in Gardening Club and Seed Sorting as a form of sensory stimulation.



Our very own in-house theater is a highlight for many of our residents looking to relax and enjoy their favorite classic movies from days gone by. We have a traditional cinema-style setup with comfortable chairs and a large TV. Here, our residents can enjoy music and films from their era.

We believe our theater-related programs in Main Street help our residents with their cognitive abilities, like creativity, attention, and imagination.



Residents are allowed to move freely indoors and outdoors within the safety of their own community. Spending time in our courtyard with elements of nature, like bird feeders and plants in raised beds, provides residents a connection to the outdoors, offering a calming effect on individuals with dementia, reducing agitation, and improving overall mood.


Soda Shoppe

The soda shoppe is designed with a vintage ambiance that evokes feelings of nostalgia for residents, taking them back to their youthful days and sparking reminiscing conversations with caregivers and families. Most times the soda shoppe serves as a social hub where residents gather to enjoy ice cream, milkshakes, and other treats provided by our culinary teams.


Outside Patio/Courtyard

Bristol Park at Conroe is located in a beautiful green space in Conroe, and we love taking full advantage of it. Our residents are encouraged to enjoy our outdoor patio/courtyard area with a walking path.

This secure and serene area is where we hold many fun and engaging outside patio activities. Our residents can also enjoy admiring the plants and interacting with bird feeders.

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